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Read our client testimonials to understand how effective the Law Offices of Rashmi N. Patel can be. We pride ourselves on our ability to settle any type of immigration law or family law matter quickly and effectively.

I wish someone had recommended to us attorney Patel ten years ago, when my wife was ordered to leave the country and go back to her home country of Albania. Even though she had a very credible and persuasive case of fear of persecution (asylum) if she had to go back, her 2 attorneys failed to present all the relevant facts and pursue the right strategy for the court to grant the asylum case. To make the matters worse, she was charged by the federal authorities with a federal offense of entering the country with fraudulent documents. The BIA upheld the decision granted by the Immigration Judge and my wife was ordered to leave and as you may imagine all the legal doors and windows seemed to be closed. Stress, fear and hopelessness was the way of our life until we met Attorney Patel who took over this very complicated case and delivered the decade awaiting result. With her professionalism and dedicated hard work she was able to convince the government attorney to join her in a motion to reopen to the BIA by clearly laying out the entire case and detailing the need for the reopening. She succeeded to reopen the case by the BIA and did a great job to convince the court that her deportation to her home country would create extreme hardship to the US citizen’s members of the family. My wife was granted permanent residency and with that a bad chapter in our life was closed and a promising one just opened. This would not have happened without attorney’s Patel professionalism, persistence and hard work. Thank you Rashmi! We are very pleased to recommend you for any immigration case knowing that you will provide the same caring, human and professional legal assistance that brought my wife’s smile back.

Stamford, CT
October, 2012

Rashmi has proved to be an attorney that has extensive knowledge and expertise in family law. She is undoubtedly the best in her class and has gone above and beyond what I had expected. Her ability to provide a candid opinion and keep composed when all is tumultuous is a testament to her expertise. Rashmi has been supportive of my needs regarding my divorce case and has followed through on her promise to fight for my rights as a father. The road to redemption has been full of roadblocks, and setbacks but her resolve has been unwavering and steadfast in continuing to give me superior results. Thanks to Rashmi I have been able to walk into the courtroom countless times knowing I have a true fighter by my side. I am very pleased with the outcome of our 5 days in trial and will happily recommend Rashmi to anyone seeking a divorce attorney.

Norwalk, CT
March, 2012

It is my immense pleasure to recommend Rashmi Patel as one of the best attorneys in the state of Connecticut. I engaged Rashmi in 2008 as my divorce attorney and from the very first meeting; I knew that she was a perfect fit to help me navigate the legal aspects of my divorce.

Rashmi helped me with a very difficult and emotional family matter and she skillfully managed my emotions, the law, and my schedule to ensure that we moved to a satisfactory conclusion. Her skills gave me the comfort and confidence that we would need to get a satisfactory conclusion (which we did).

Rashmi has a very calm and confident approach. She helped me keep my divorce out of the courtroom and helped us resolve all matters through a settlement by explaining the costs, and delays it would bring to my ex-wife and me. Her legal expertise and detailed attention in guiding us to gather all of our evidence and documentation were flawless.

I would say to anyone looking for quality legal representation, consider three qualities that Rashmi brings to the table:
  • She will make you comfortable in an emotional situation.
  • She will make you confident because she knows the law.
  • She does not work on a case from a financial benefit perspective; instead, quick resolution is her priority.
Finally, you can trust Rashmi because she works with you on a plan and executes brilliantly while keeping you informed on the progress of the case. Without reservation, I would recommend Rashmi to anyone.

JJ, 2012

It only takes a few minutes with Rashmi to realize she is special. Her knowledge of the law is enough to place her on a pedestal above all her peers but that’s not all that makes her remarkable. What makes her truly unique is how genuine and compassionate she is. She represented me during my highly contested divorce. At a time in my life when nothing was going right Rashmi was the one that gave me hope and peace of mind. She was straight forward, set reasonable expectations and delivered on all that she promised. It is only because of Rashmi’s superior understanding of family law that my nightmare had a positive ending. And it is because of Rashmi’s character, her caring nature and interest in my wellbeing that I survived my divorce. Her support, hard work, and dedication to getting me the best possible agreement is what gave me the opportunity and motivation to rebuild a life for me and my daughter.

JD, 2012
Fairfield, CT


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